Now you can resort to an expended product line made by ReefStar. Even more products, even better composition in a new quality which sets a high benchmark.

Our product line have been tested by some of the most succsesfull reef aquarists and judged as excellent by them.

The effect of the water additives has been adapted on each other in the ReefStar construction kid - FOR YOUR SUCCESS.
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ReefStar JOD ELEMENT mainly consists of elementary iodine and is immediately available to invertebrates and corals.

Especially in nutrient-poor aquariums, Jod element leads to an intensive colouration of corals significantly in purple, pink and red. Bleached corals get back their natural beauty with Jod element. Long-term tests revealed that specifically this kind of iodine application has a very positive effect on the tissue of invertebrates and thus supports strong colorations. Jod element is very important for the formation of red blood cells in fish. Elementary iodine is very light sensitive and should therefore be given in the morning or evening when o the lighting is switched off!

We are often anxiously asked by many aquarists 'whether one drop per 100 litres is really enough. Yes, it is, because it's really a concentrate! Our tip for you: Drop our Jod element on a handkerchief (Kleenex), so you could see how much concentrated it is.

Dosage: Daily lml per 100 litres (26 gallons (US)) aquarium water. Don't use it for bathing corals, because a tissue damage will possible.